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We are a certified practice, with the American National Hypnotherapy
Association awarding us 23 awards so far

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First step is a complimentary consultation to listen to your story and what you want to accomplish with hypnosis. Next, we will determine how many sessions you would need to meet your goal and then which hypnotist is best for you.
Do you have a goal to meet or a habit to break but seem to work real hard make it happen?

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Get the insight you need to enhance your life. Mary uses a proactive approach to achieve your goals.


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Make a life change today by contacting Mary. She specializes in effective hypnotherapy that brings hope and healing.

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" Can Hypnosis really help ME? "
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One thing we know for sure… LIFE, as we knew it, has changed. Our world has changed… people have changed… But our problems are still there! Maybe you’re struggling in some area of your life… You might be eating or drinking more than you want… Maybe you’re ready to stop a negative behavior You might have a problem sleeping… Or maybe you’re struggling with a relationship… The list could go on and on…
Why not try Hypnosis?
Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Really Works !
The benefits of working with our Team at the Magic Mind Hypnosis

* We use effective techniques based on years of experience working with clients of all kinds* Each session is individually prepared just for you
* Caring, compassionate and non-judgmental support for positive change and healing
* Many years of combined professional experience
* Strong academic training: All our Team are Certified Registered Hypnotherapists
* These award-winning techniques have been used and taught all over the country
* Convenient hours, professional office locations and online sessions available
* Session rates are by appointment, not by the hour, to ensure you get the most out of each appointment
* FREE no-obligation, no-pressure initial consultation allows you to discover if Hypnosis is right for you

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