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Addictions Hypnotherapy

How Hypnotherapy can Eliminate Addictions

Hypnotherapy offers an effective process to help you
free yourself from addictive behaviors… permanently

Would like to break addictions but just don’t know how?

Have you tried everything in your power to stop, and yet, despite your best intentions, you’re still struggling?

It may seem like you’re alone, but not knowing how to get started with breaking addictions is far more common than you’d think.

think about all of the money you’re wasting…
the time you’re losing going around in circles…
and that’s not to mention the toll it’s taking on your personal life.

Hypnosis can quickly and easily help you get your addiction under control… for GOOD!

Hypnosis can quickly and easily help you get your addiction under control… for GOOD!

Studies have shown that Hypnotherapy can be more effective than simply therapy or a placebo when dealing with substance abuse, behavioral addictions and even chronic pain.

After a person has struggled with an addiction and overcomes the initial hurdle, a new set of challenges emerge. At this point, staying on track is the goal, and doing so requires plenty of focus and a healthy dose of positive re-enforcement.

This is where Hypnotherapy really becomes effective. It allows the person to explore their own triggers for relapse, giving them tools to deal with cravings should any arise.

Hypnosis is also very helpful to cope with cravings and relapses.

The client is guided into a trance-like relaxed state where they are more susceptible to ideas and suggestions. In this state, those being hypnotized become more imaginative, putting them into a prime position to create strategies for conquering their  behaviors.

However, the only way that hypnosis can be effective as a treatment for addiction is if the person being hypnotized really wants to give up their destructive habits and behaviors. 

Hypnotherapy is especially useful during the post withdrawal phase of treatment. The hardest part of recovery is often staying off of the drugs after the initial treatment period and hypnotherapy can be used to reinforce positive changes to break the addictive habit.

Hypnotherapy can also help an individual to learn new behavioral responses so they can live safely and comfortably without the need for substance. It’s particularly useful in helping recovered addicts stay on the right track.